Memory Wellness Program


“Having Mom at Rhodes Estates brought tremendous peace of mind to us.”

“Konnections” is a comprehensive memory wellness program for neuroplasticity stimulation that allows your loved one to thrive in a dementia friendly environment. This program includes music therapy, drum circle, pet therapy, and massage therapy.

The new Rhodes Revolutions Program is a youth program inspired by the movie “Alive Inside” where the youth of our community visit with our elders once a week for reconnecting the generations with empathy, music and honoring our elders.  Rhodes Revolutions touches the heart and soul of our residents healing loneliness.

The new Konnections Program and the Rhodes Revolutions Program are exclusive to the Rhodes Estates community.





Rhodes Estates is proud to participate in the Second Wind Dreams program.  This program provides an opportunity to expose society to the truth that age does not erase hopes and dreams and this program fulfills those dreams.  As dreams come true, we witness a ripple effect as the impact of the dream spreads from the elder to everyone who helped make the dream possible.

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